Simple And Effective ‘Spine Line’ Foot Massage To Reverse Back Pain FAST

Have you ever heard that by massaging your feet you can actually relief pain in the spine?

The Iranian Journal of Nursing and Midwifery Research made a study and found out that the nurses that had back problems did some foot massages and sought advantages from it.


Amid the study, 50 female and male medical caretakers who guaranteed that they were experiencing ceaseless lower back agony did a 40 minute sessions of massage three times each week for two weeks. Half of them experienced reflexology massages, which focused on particular parts of the body connected with back torment, and the other half experienced general back rubs.

The final stage of the study showed that those who went through reflexology massage had greater reduction in back pain that the other half.

On the other hand the study proved that massage can help in reduction of lower back pain

Feet and Back Pain

Pose and foot wellbeing has been turned out to be connected with back torment.

The edges of the feet have points that focus and are in connection with pain in the back and by massaging them it is likely to make pain and firmness in the spine to vanish. Massage your feet on your own or let someone else do it for you, both techniques are likewise great.

Results are noticeable after the very first massage. Devote no less than 10-20 minutes out of 2-3 days a week massaging your feet.

How it is done:

First off, you have to discover the spine-point on your feet.

Take a seat on the floor in a folded legs position and take one foot in your grasp.

The line between your heel and the big toe in the inward foot’s bow is the projection of your spine.

Imagine and separate the line as though it is your spine.

Picture the coccyx, sacrum, lumbar, thoracic and cervical part of the spine.

Using your fingers apply pressure from the heel to the toe. By tenderly massaging these points you will specifically impact your spine and the agony and strain will be no more.



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