Start Your Day With A Banana And A Cup Of Warm Water – This is Why!

The creator of this breakfast from banana and water on a room temperature is certain and to help you reduce weight no matter what you eat during the day.


Also this is known as morning banana and can’t get as easy as it is.

You might ask yourself “How can this be”, but the answer is simply because banana boosts the metabolism.

On the other side bananas are rich in starch and it has a low glycemic index. This means that it is digested for a longer period of time giving you the feeling of fullness and to some extent blocks the absorption of carbohydrates.

If you chose to try this diet make sure your dinner not to be after 8 pm and avoid any desert after.

Products that are forbidden and don’t go along with this diet are dairy and alcohol. The bananas must be consumed fresh not baked or frozen.

Daily menu (example):


  • 1 or more bananas
  • 1 glass of warm (room temperature) water


  • Fresh salad and meal of your choice
  • If you feel hunger you are allowed some sweet snacks but only until 3 pm


  • Meal with many vegetables

Do not have any desert!



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