Stores Pulling Nutella Off Shelves After Cancer Reports

A major ingredient in Nutella may cause cancer. This new revelation has led to the popular chocolate hazelnut spread to be pulled from grocery store shelves throughout Europe.


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In May, the European Standards Agency warned that there could carcinogenic chemicals — Glycidyl fatty acid ester (GE) — in palm oil when heated above 200 degrees Celsius, or almost 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Palm oil is a major ingredient in the spread and gives Nutella its smooth, velvety texture and prolongs shelf life, reports The Sun.

But Ferrero, the maker of the spread, is now fighting back against claims Nutella could cause cancer with a marketing campaign. The Italian corporation reassures its customers of their decision to keep palm oil in the spread, despite fears.

“Making Nutella without palm oil would produce an inferior substitute for the real product, it would be a step backward,” Ferrero’s purchasing manager, Vincenzo Tapella, told Reuters.

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