That Weird, White String Inside Your Raw Egg Is Actually A Good Thing. Here’s What It Means…

egg 213

One egg is the main thing in the morning in many diets around the world.

They are very easy and quick to cook and full with nutrients.

Various specialists recommend starting your day with proteins because it is a lot better for your weight managing than eating sugary processed cereals.

And opposite to popular belief, eggs do not cause heart disease.

If you consume eggs frequently then maybe you come across the following oddity.


The Chalaza…

Probably you cracked one open before and saw something that left you mildly confused: What is that white ropey thing?

It is called the chalaza (pronounced: cuh-lay-zuh). And it’s safe for eating.

Regardless of its weird appearance, it is not an umbilical string. Here is an image to better see what it is:

Mainly, the chalazae can be found on two sides of the yolk. They are holding the yolk at the center of the egg — just like small anchors.

The good thing about these cords is that they can show you how fresh one egg is, the more prominent they are, the fresher is the egg!

Actually, the egg’s chalazae vanish as the egg ages, and if you cannot find at least one after cracking an egg open, then you know that the egg has been sitting in the store (or in your refrigerator) for a long time.



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