The 2 Week Lemon Water Challenge

While I’m sure you have seen or heard somewhere that lemon water is good for you, you probably still never drink it. If you want a healthier body, I suggest you actually put some effort in and try it.

The Lemon Water Challenge:

Look through the benefits list below and decide which one will motivate you to start drinking lemon water.

Drink lemon water for 14 days

Write down how you feel on the first day and the last day.

Things We Know About Lemons:

Technically lemon is a citrus fruit, and while being the smallest member of its family; lemon has more comprehensive health benefits than the rest of its family members.

Lemon can do lots of different things for our health it can balance pH, relieve indigestion and constipation, help people to lose weight, treat high blood pressure, and even detox your liver.


Lemons are packed full of a multitude of vitamins. They are high in vitamin C that is imperative for the development process. Vitamin C has been studied over a very long period of time and has been shown to have tons of health benefits. It has been found to prevent cardiovascular disease, eye diseases, and wrinkles. This vitamin can even act as an antioxidant and help protect cells from free radicals.

How To Make Lemon Water:

Things needed:

fresh lemon (not bottled lemon juice)


When you get out of bed each morning this is the first thing you should do.
Go to the kitchen and pour a glass of room temperature water.
Cut one fresh lemon in half.
Squeeze the juice from the lemon into the water, the water should become cloud-like.
Drink up.

Other Health Benefits:

Detox and Cleanse

When you drink lemon water, it works in your body as a natural detox. This will make you pee (urinate) quite frequently. The intake of citric acid will enhance your body’s ability to flush out toxins naturally.

Our bodies are in constant need of cleansing because we are constantly taking in toxins by breathing and eating.
Lemon increases the liver’s ability to function properly and filter out unwanted toxins.


Citric flavonoids have been shown to act as a fantastic digestive tonic so to speak. It will curb your appetite as well as calm an upset stomach.


Your body having build ups of individual acids can have adverse effects on your body. Using lemon water to help your body with its alkalinity is a great thing. This will assist you in balance you pH.


Drinking lemon juice on the daily can also help your skin become dramatically more healthy. It boosts the collagen that is what gives your skin its strength; Collagen keeps your skin looking plump and glowing.

Safety with lemon water

Try to avoid eating the seeds one every so often is not a problem but if you ingest a few everyday thing can be bad for your body. The seeds contain salicylic acid the main ingredient in aspirin, taking too much is a bad thing.
Cutting more and more sugar out of your diet with this is important too, your cravings for sugar will drop.

Substitution lemon water for soda nowadays can actually help save your teeth, keeping them from decaying,

Hopefully, you decide that lemon water is the beverage for you and drink it every single day to ensure that you and your body remain healthy for years to come.



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