The Most Dangerous White Toxin We Eat Every Day, And It`S Not Sugar Or Salt!


Potassium glutamate E621 is a preservative which can be found in large quantities in many different kinds of food, people use it in restaurants in order to intensify the food taste.

It looks like sugar or salt, it is white crystal powder and when mixed with water, it tastes like meat soup. This preservative can be added to any kind of food and it leads to increased appetite, overeating and overweight.

The potassium glutamate acts like a drug, boosting the brain cells, it enters easily in the blood and brain which leads to change of the gene responsible for the sense of taste.

Nowadays, producers add potassium glutamate in canned food, beer, potato chips, salami, hot dog, dehydrated soup mixes, sausages, etc. The figures of potassium glutamate productions are terrifying, every year, 200.000 tons of this preservative are being produced. The safe dose for an adult is 1,5 g per day, and for children- no more than half a gram.

The overdose of E621 is called “syndrome of Chinese restaurant” and the symptoms are: vertigo, nausea, weakness, chest pains, migraine, drowsiness, visual impairment, hormonal imbalance, etc.

E621 was first discovered in 1907, in Japan by Ikeda Kikunae, who performed many experiments and discovered that it enhances the taste of the food. Beside enhancing the natural taste of products, it also improves the taste of preservatives, junk food, frozen products.

This preservative is very popular in America as it sells more food. There were some experiment where mice were given food with E621 on a regular basis, and the results showed that they lost their sight after a while. One of the negative consequences of potassium glutamate use is that it affects the tongue receptors, so in time their food perception worsens.

Due to the fact that potassium glutamate improves the taste of the food, we are not able to stop eating and to control ourselves so we continue eating junk food such as ready meals, potato chips, chocolate, etc. It causes addiction, on a subconscious level it makes us prefer products which contain the preservative. Nevertheless, this is great for the manufacturers because their sales are going up every day.

You should remember that manufacturers benefit from using E621 because they are reducing the production costs while making the low-quality products look and taste good. This must be stopped.

Make sure to read the labels when you buy groceries and try to use natural spices for cooking.



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