The Most Effective Way To Store Your Onions And Garlic So That They Last For Months

When you see a bit of green sprout on the top of your onion or garlic, or a bit of mold on it, then you should throw them away as they have gone bad. If you had plans to plant them, it is the perfect time for you, but most people have them for eating, thus we need to avoid this process and store the vegetables in a different way so that they can last for months.

You will need: a hole-punch, brown lunch paper bags, paper clips, firm and blemish free garlic and onions.

Instructions: punch the bags as you wish (you can do it all the way to the upper half of the bags), then make multiple rows of holes by folding the bag couple of times and then punch in the row leaving space between the punches. This can be done if the bag is being hold lengthwise and punching along one of the sides, while you flip the folded bag over, punch it along the other edge. These holes will serve as a ventilation, so don’t mind if they are perfect or not. The following step is to fill the bag to half full and fold it over the top, and label it and paper slip it with the top down. The circulation of air through the holes will help the vegetables be in a good condition for a longer period of time.

You can still keep them in the same drawers, but bear in mind not to crowd them, or use regular plastic bags that will keep the bags upright and offer room for the air to circulate. The bins may be placed on pantry or cabinet shelves. Temperature, humidity, and light of the storage place are the conditions upon the onion and garlic depend.

Additional tips:

  • No closed plastic bags – there will be lack of air which causes faster sprouting and spoiling. A better idea is an open paper bag.
  • No potatoes close to the onions and garlics – potatoes release gasses which will make the garlics and onions go bad faster, so avoid keeping them together in the same drawer.
  • No refirigerating – the onions will soften by the cold temperature giving off their flavor to the rest of the products in the fridge, so keep them in a dry and dark place.



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