The Simplest Way To Strengthen Your Immunity!

Professor d-r Sergey Bubnovsky, a famous Moscow specialist for kinesitherapy recommends a simple method to strengthen your immunity: short barefoot patting in ice cold water! 

The power of cold water

Cold shower and bath have a very long tradition in many cultures and that’s for a very good reason.

Although showering and bathing in hot water is much more comfortable, cold water offers numerous advantages to your health.

German scientists have discovered that people who shower for 2 minutes with cold water every day, rarely catch colds than people who shower themselves with hot water.

That’s a consequence of a stronger immunity which the fans of cold showering have.

A research conducted in Prague has studied the effect of diving into cold water on young sportists.

During six weeks, they dived into water with a temperature of 14 degrees Celsius three times a week.

After that period, the number of their white blood cells has increased – monocytes and lymphocytes, which have the ability to destroy different kinds of pathogens.

Cold shower recovers and gives you energy.

Your heart beats faster and better circulation deprives your body from fatigue.

If washing yourself with cold water helps you to wake up and liven up, imagine what kind of effect has cold water covering your whole body!

Many people claim that cold shower alleviates stress and improves their mood.

A research performed on the University “Virginia Commonwealth” u Richmond (USA), has shown that cold water stimulates the production of noradrenalin, a chemical matter secreted by neurons and has some antidepressant effects.

Method with cold water

Every night, in the end of your work day, fill your bath or a wash-basin with 10-15 centimeters of completely cold water.

Don’t add hot water at all!

Then step inside barefoot and pat with your feet in the ice cold water for only 10-15 seconds!

You may also dance on some nice and cheerful music.

Then step outside the bath or the washbasin and wipe your feet with a rough terry towel and put on some wool socks.

Do this method every night.

You will significantly strengthen your immunity.

If you’ve already caught a cold, that’s one reason more to decide and strengthen your immunity.

In that case, pat barefoot in ice cold water for every 4 hours.

Don’t be afraid that you’ll worsen your condition. On the contrary, by this kind of “hardening” of your organism, you’ll strengthen your immunity.



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