These Bad Habits Can Cause Problems With Your Menstrual Cycle!

Those 4-6 days per month is the most painful and the most problematic day for women, and for many of them – most depressive.

Although there are numerous ways that can help reduce menstrual pain, from teas to medicines, but also very important for women to take proper care of health during this period.

Besides personal hygiene, there are some bad habits that you should stop doing:

-If You’re wearing the same pad all day, you can create a bad smell and cause unwanted infections.

Invert them pads every 3-5 hours, whether bloody or not volume. If you already feel pain in unchangeable of pads or tampons, you risk only increase the pain.


-If You have sex during menstrual period, and already suffering from pain, you increase the risk of getting infections.
When should you eat?

-You Already spending a lot of energy and blood during the period and therefore not recommended rigorous and strenuous exercise during menses.

Heart just so, you must not skip meals during this time, because you need a lot of nutrients this period, especially magnesium and iron.

-You shouldn’t eat very late at night, because it will only harm your body. Especially avoid fatty foods as hard to digest.

-It Recommends avoiding dairy products that contain arachidonic acid, and thus worsen the cramps at night. Good and restful sleep can greatly help ease the pain.





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