These Two Recipes Will Help You Get Rid Of Your Stomach Pain

If you are suffering from gastritis or acid in the stomach than you should try this two alternative recipes because it may help you in dealing with this discomfort.

Everyone of has experienced stomach pain no matter if this is happening due to bad nutrition or something else. The medicine which will help you relief the pain is so simple and may be done in only 5 min.

It a very simple and effective medicine from the collection of Muhammad Hamrajev, president of the Academy for folk medicine in Uzbekistan. These recipes may decrease the symptoms gastritis and other discomforts in your stomach.

Pumpkin juice

Make half liter of fresh pumpkin juice and add 2 tbsp honey and 1 tbsp apple cider vinegar. This juice will make your pain immediately disappear.

Corn and peas soup

Grain 6 parts of corn and 4 parts of peas. Add this mixture in boiling water and drink it. This is a folk medicine for gastritis. If you have any problem with your stomach or you feel pain it will go away immediately.



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