This Baking Soda Shampoo Will Make Your Hair Grow Like Crazy!

After the healing properties were revealed for the baking soda the usage and its popularity has increased drastically. Among many other things we can tell you that the baking soda is very good in improving the quality of your hair. It will not just clean your hair from the conditioner but it will make it look shinier.

Please use the below recipe if you want to stay away from all the chemicals that are included in those products for hair care and believe us – you will be amazed.

Take one squeeze bottle and fill it three parts with water and one part with baking soda. That mixture should be applied on a dry or wet hair and you need to massage it very well. Please leave it like that for about 2-3 minutes and rinse it well. Use warm water to wash your hair from any remains. After you are done please use vinegar rinse to you hair. You can prepare this vinegar rinse with 4 parts of water and 1 part of apple cider vinegar. In this mixture you can add a little essential oil so that the odd smell of the vinegar will be gone.

Rinse your hair with this mixture well.

It will not have all those foamy properties like the regular shampoos but the results in the end will be very good that will change the way you think about your hair.








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