This is Used by all Women, and it Doubles the Risk of Ovarian Cancer


Although the female reproductive organs cleans itself, 25% of women use douching to clean it, which doubles the risk of ovarian cancer. According to past studies, douching is indeed related to vaginal infections, but the latest research has added ovarian tumors on the list of risks.

“And while gynecologists urge women to not evaporated vagina with irrigator, they see in it a health benefit, such as hygiene,” says Joelle Brown, an epidemiologist, and adds that it’s vital to stop douching.

Ovarian tumor is a silent killer which doesn’t show any symptoms until it’s too late. A recent analysis of a study published in the Epidemiology journal that followed more than 41 000 women in the USA and Puerto Rico since 2013. The women were aged 35-74, and had a sister suffering from breast cancer. At the beginning of the study, neither of the subjects were suffering from any type of cancer.


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