This is Why You Have Bloated Stomach and How to Get Rid of Bloating and Lose Weight Overnight!

Imagine that someone tells you that there is a bacterium that has contaminated two thirds of the population in the world. You probably wouldn’t believe them. But, there is an intestinal bacterium that causes complicated situations in people’s life.1

Have you heard about H. Pylori, or Helicobacter pylori? In case you haven’t heard about it, you’re not to blame. This is an intestinal bacterium with no symptoms and that is why it is hard to notice that you are infected without proper medical examination.

How can you tell?

The signs of helicobacter pylori infection are pretty unpleasant: bloating, esophageal reflux, diarrhea, burping, flatulence, heartburn, upper and mid stomach torment and constipation. Many people cannot relate these symptoms to this bacterium. People usually think that these signs are common capacities of the body.

Helicobacter Pylori is the standard source of gastritis, an irritation of the stomach lining. The bacterium is responsible for 90 percent of the duodenal ulcer cases and 80 percent of every case of gastric ulcer. Also, this bacterium causes some diseases that aren’t even related to the digestive system, like cardiovascular issues, Raynaud’s sickness (damaged blood circulation in the feet and hands) and headaches.

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