Toddler Caught On Camera Getting Doing The Unimaginable. A Must Watch!


Who doesn’t like to see his little baby invent things? All parents get happy when they note that their babies have started to crawl, walk, and even talk. But rarely do babies do something that is groundbreaking.

It’s because of this reason, a dad by the named Francisco Aguilar went on to place a camera in the bedroom of her son. The results were amazing, in that he had to upload them on YouTube. He chose “My Son The Genius” to be the suiting title for the video. In it, we observe Aguilar’s son waking up from a siesta that he took on his parents’ bed. While most of the kids would go ahead to climb down the bed and fall leading to them getting injuries, this kid did all differently. In a comment that his dad wrote in the clip, it said that when he was that the bed was too high for him to climb down, he decided to get the pillows and throw them down so that he could land safely.

Even though we don’t know if this is a daily routine for this kid, or that it was his first time to do so and the Camera captured him, one thing is true: he is sharper than the other average children in diapers!

Watch the video below and let us know what your thought are over this little baby’s action. Please SHARE this interesting story with all your friends on Facebook!



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