Warning: Regularly Doing This In The Shower Could Double Your Risk Of Cancer

Ovarian cancer is a disease widely known as the “silent killer” and the number of women affected by it, is staggering. You should know that douching can double the risk of developing ovarian cancer.

Many scientists in the United States believe that vaginal washing, which is  practised by some women who think it makes them feel cleaner, could be extremely dangerous.

For those who don’t know what douching is, it is the practice of squirting water or fluids into the vagina. Many doctors strongly oppose this practice because it changes the natural balance of healthy bacteria and can make it easier to pick up infections.

Express.co.uk conducted a poll where 232 people were examined and 29% of them admitted to regularly douching, while 57% said they had never done it.

One 14% of these women admitted to have done it once or twice.

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