Warning! Toxic Chinese Rice Loaded With Plastic Is Flooding Grocery Store Shelves. Here Is How You Can Recognize It


People should be very careful when purchase products, especially food products, because unhealhty food can cause numerous diseases. One such product is plastic rice. Yes, rice producers in China have been exposed for exporting artificial rice.

The reason why producers started producing artificial rice is the increasing demand for Wuchang rice, a fragrant variety known to cost twice as much as other rice. So in order to increase profits, farmers have begun producing illegal fake rice.

This kind of rice is made from a combination of potatoes, sweet potatoes and  synthetic resins (plastic), and the best part is that costs very little to produce.

People  can’t notice the difference because the synthetic grains are formed to look like real rice and sprayed with an artificial fragrance to make them more appealing. However, you can see the difference when cooking, this rice remains hard even after cooking. In order to hide this, distributors of rice grown in the Wuchang province mix it with the real stuff.

According to statistics, 800,000 tons of rice are grown in the paddies of Wuchang, but they sale 10 million tons of this rice. This means that there is a lot of plastic included.

Rice is More Than Just a Food

Many people around the world use rice in their daily diet. The typical person in China eats half a pound of rice each day.

As you probably know, the largest consumer and producer of rice in the world is China. It is 11th in the world for rice exports, its largest foreign markets in India, Vietnam, and Singapore.

Last year in India, The Times reported that the Delhi high court had scheduled a hearing in November concerning a plea for direct sampling of rice imported from China. The National Food Authority in the Philippines has also initiated an  investigation of synthetic rice originating from China.

Health Risks

If you eat 3 bowls  of fake Wuchang rice, it means like you have eaten 1 plastic bag, and we all know that ingestion of plastic is extremely dangerous, and it can cause numerous health problems throughout the digestive system.

Eventhough the digestive tract eliminates most of the resin, the body’s cells are permeable and the risk of poisoning from known carcinogens BPA and phthalates  in plastic is very real. These chemicals disrupt the hormones, and they can affect testosterone levels and reproductive development.

How to Avoid Plastic Rice

In order to be sure whether the rice is natural or artificial, you should perform one of these 2 simple tests which you can perform at home. When in doubt, stick to non-GMO or organic rice grown in North America.

The first method is to heat the rice on the stove ( open all windows and doors) or grill until it burns. The real rice will char and burn, while the plastic one will melt. You will be able to see (and smell) the difference.

Similar to direct heating, cook rice in very hot oil (use an oil with a high smoking point); plastic will melt, rice will cook and burn.

Fool me once…

China not only produces plastic rise, they also sell meat from undesirable animals such as beef, chicken, lamb or pork.

The manufacturers often add an illegal meat additive called clenbuterol, a steroid which is fed to pork in order to make meat leaner. This substance is dangerous to human and animals health as well, so it was banned for use in livestock in 2002.

The most shocking discovery was that China exported contaminated milk powder which contained melamine, and ended up killing newborns.

Eventhough currently this kind of rice is not being exported to North America, you can still find in some groceries, so if you do, we suggest you not to buy it.



Source: http://www.fhfn.org/warning-toxic-chinese-rice-loaded-plastic-flooding-grocery-store-shelves-can-recognize/


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