What is the Proper Weight for Height for you

Do you have any idea whether your weight is proper for your body? And if not, how to find that out? For an example, be aware that if your height is 160 cm, and your weight 65 kg, that is wrong and unhealthy.

Doctors urge to take proper care of your body by eating healthy and exercising regularly in order to obtain a proper weight that suits your body.

Proper Weight for Height

Proper Weight for Height

If not taking care of yourself, it does not just become a visual problem, but it can also seriously jeopardize your health and blood. So, be sure to check how much do you have to weigh, to be in proportion with your height and way of living.

Among the plenty ways to determine what your ideal body weight might be, there is one which stands out as the most popular. It is called body mass index (BMI).

Nevertheless, bear in mind that this method is an universal one, so it cannot be applied to everybody at the same time.

This is mostly because there are some people who are more developed than others, each individual has their own body construction.

Take it as an example a teenage girl. One might be taking plenty of exercises and be broad in the shoulders, and some might be just naturally thin.

Another thing that should always stick in your mind is that losing weight is not proportional to being healthy.

This is why it is crucial that you combine regular exercises with your dietary plan, in order not to weaken your immune system and your body.

If you don’t exercise and keep losing weight, then your muscles will lose their mass and you will not only become thinner, but weaker.

If you are interested in finding out your BMI, check first whether you have an average body structure, in order not to make an excessive dieting plan and create health problems.



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