What My Friend Showed Me Is Just Amazing! Clean Your Carpet With This Helpful Trick!!


For those of us who own a dog or want to get a puppy, we know that house training the animal can be a pain. While you work to train your dog to do its duty outside, your carpet suffers. But DeeDee blogged has her solution to this problem because her dog Trevoer is 16-years-old, he started having accidents again last year.

DeeDee wrote on her blog post. “Sometimes I catch the accident right after it happens, but mostly he does this while we aren’t home throughout the day and that causes the staining.”

But since discovering the cleaning trick, the chore has become much easier. (The video below)


Just mix equal parts of dish soap and hydrogen peroxide and combine carefully.

With a hard-bristled brush, work the solution into the dirty area and let it sit for about half an hour.

After that spot dry it by pressing a paper towel into the area. This removes the moisture without getting rid of the cleaning solution.

After that DeeDee goes over the area with a vacuum as a finishing touch.

This cleaning solution is much more natural than many of the harsh chemical sold in stores.


Watch the video: http://launch.newsinc.com/share.html?trackingGroup=91781&siteSection=americanoverlook&videoId=30011132 


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