What Should Your Blood Pressure Be According To Your Age?

Regulating your blood pressure can become a good quality if you are still able to do so, as when you grow older, it can be rather harmful and sometimes impossible. This was confirmed in a research in which 2,000 seniors took part. The results from the research which were published online in the Archives of Internal Medicine in fact surprised the world.


When we talk about high blood pressure, we should first let you know that hypertension is a real life threat. There is no room for mistakes when it comes to hypertension as it has an impact on the function of your arteries, kidneys, and the body in general. It can lead to heart failure, heart attack, kidney failure, stroke, and other pretty dangerous health problems. That is why doctors prescribe aggressive therapies for treating hypertension.

As it is the case with other health conditions, an exacting method cannot be used for everyone. The treatments for fifty-year-old men and eighty-year-old men differ because the therapy for the first group of patients does not correspond to the one that is suitable for the second group.

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