When Did You Last Clean The Pillows You Are Sleeping On? Here’s How To Do it!!!

We all know that pillow cases and sheets should be changed on a regular basis and we do it as often as we see fit. Once a week, once in two weeks, depending on your personal preferences, but what about the pillows? How long have you been using the same pillow without cleaning it or changing it? According to experts we should clean the pillows we sleep on at least three times a year, but let’s face it no one does it!

If you’re into spring cleaning then you should know that it’s the perfect moment to clean your pillows as well. Simply changing the pillow cases is not enough, contrary to popular belief. Rober Oexman, the head of the Sleep to Live institute, suggests that you wash your pillows twice a year minimum and change them regularly as well.When-Did-You-Last-Clean-The-Pillows-You-Are-Sleeping-On-Here’s-How-To-Do-it


How can you clean your pillows?

Well if they’re suitable for the washing machine it’s the easiest way. Put two at the same time so that you can protect them from too much tumbling and wash them at some cycle you usually use. If your pillow has yellow stains which is quite common you need to do something about it. When you put them in the washing machine pour one cup of bleaching powder, a cup of regular washing powder, and add two to three tablespoons of baking soda. You’ll notice the stains disappearing and you’ll have a brand new, clean pillow! Refreshing!

Before you put them in the machine check the label to see what is the highest temperature allowed and set the cycle at that temperature. Once the cycle has finished squeeze the excess water out by hitting them from every side. This will speed up the drying process. Then you can leave it outside to dry and use it once it’s completely dry!





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