Which sleep position are you? It could be causing pain, wrinkles and acid reflux

What is your favorite sleeping position?

Sleep is a tricky subject. How much should you get? Is it better to sleep on your side or on your stomach? What position makes you more likely to snore?

Thankfully, The Huffington Post put together an infographic (see below) detailing the pros and cons of each sleep position. So pay close attention to the tips below!

What’s your favorite way to sleep? Let us know!

1. On Your Back

This position is often called “starfish position”, and it is very good for the back. This position allows you to minimize wrinkle, sagging breasts and acid reflux. However, because of the positioning of your head in this position, it tends to increase and worsen snoring.

2. On Your Side

Sleeping on your side allows you to lessen snoring and can help improve your circulation (this is the sleeping position that is widely recommended and preferred for woman when pregnant). However, the stress that is put on your shoulder and hip (mainly the side that is down) may result in shoulder and hip pain. Also, because your body is being somewhat scrunched it can lead to wrinkling and sagging breasts.

3. Face Down

This is another position that can help reduce snoring. Typically, in this position your head is on one side of your face, much like sleeping position two, which has a positive effect on reducing snoring. However, because the position your spine is during this sleeping position you may experience neck and back pain and stiffness. Your belly weight can play a role in the severity of the pain too, the larger your stomach the larger the arch in your back may be when in this position. Also, because your mid section is smashed against the bed, wrinkles and sagging breasts is increased.


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