X-Ray Shocks Doctors After Child Complain Of Agonizing Stomach Pain

Things are that even doctors can make mistakes and sometimes this can be costly and endanger someone’s life even. Out there are many cases of mistakes that doctors do. In this case this article is about a boy that had stomach pain for a longer period of time.


The boy was 3 years old when parents decided to take him to the doctor, who after seeing the child prescribed medications to lessen the pain. As time went by the boy did not get better and the parents decided for further examinations at the hospital.

They took him to Metro Hospital in Faridabad – India and doctors there did some x-rays examination. Results were shocking when they discovered metal objects in the boy’s gut. The first doctor was terribly wrong to prescribe only pain relief medications.


The metal objects in the boy’s stomach were a battery, 29 magnets and a coin. The situation was alarming and Dr. Brahn Datt Pathak rushed the boy to undergo a surgery. Apparently the boy while playing found it amusing to swallow these objects which damaged his gut and if the objects were small, they would have passed through his excretion process, which was not in this case. After 3 hours of surgery, all the objects were removed from the boy’s gut. Dr. Pathak finds is awkward how other doctors did not notice the boy’s condition. Currently the boy is all well and all parents should be really careful with their kids, and to make their children playground safe in their homes.

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Source: healthadviceteam.com


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