You Have Been Using The Toilet Incorrectly Your Entire Life And Thus You Have Endangered Your Health


Improper sitting in the toilet can cause many health issues such as colon cancer, Chron’s disease, hemorrhoids, etc. People in the past that defeacted naturlly, had no such problems.

Modern times allowed us the comfort of having bathrooms everywhere, but the negative side is that improper sitting can lead to certain problems:

1.Sequence diseases

Some studies state that the seating position while defecating can cause colon cancer, Chron’s disease, hemorrhoids, inflammatory bowel disease, and many other health problems.

2.Modern toilets exacerbate bowel inflammation


This way of sitting on the toilet shell usually causes partial emptying of the colon and more common occurrence of various inflammatory processes in the intestine.

3.Modern toilets are leading reason for hemorrhoids

You should be very careful when you sit on the toilet seat because if the vein located at the lower part of the colon gets infected, hemorrhoids will occur. Also avoid long sittin on the toilet seat when defecating.

4.Urinary infections

Sitting on a toilet seat also represents the same problem for urinating in women. Their bladder is never emptied completely which can result in inflammation of the urinary tract.

5.Menstrual problems

Similar to urinating, this position does not fully pressure the pelvic muscles so part of the menstrual fluid remains in the vagina, which can leat to occurrence of staphylococci.

6.Linked to heart attacks

According to some studies, sitting while defecating increases the chances of getting a heart attack because of the longer lasting and stronger effort of the whole organism.


Those who have difficulties during urinating or defecating, should use an additional chair that will bring their body in a position similar to the natural.





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