It may seem unbelievable, but according to the latest statistics and researches between 5 and 15% of the population which is considered as healthy is affected by SIBO. Also, 8 of 10 individuals who suffer from irritable syndrome are affected by SIBO.5

What is SIBO? Read on and find out!

SIBO describes the growth of bacteria in the intestinal small hose. The concentration of bacteria is low when the digestive tract works normally. In case you experience pain, constipation, gasses or bloating, the greatest cause of this is the over growth of the bacteria in the intestines. The food goes through the digestive tract – once it is chewed and the saliva wets the food properly, it goes through the stomach into the duodenum, small intestine and large intestine. The food dissolves into small fussy molecules in the small intestine. These nutrients are absorbed into the blood through the uvulas. From here, the remains of the undigested food – the waste get to the large intestine where it is exposed to bacteria. Here comes to absorption of water and with the help of slobber is created through the capital, which through the anus is ejected out of the body. People who are affected by SIBO have increased amounts of bacteria in the small intestine. These bacteria should thrive into the large intestine. The large concentration of bacteria feeds with the food into the small intestine before being completely dissolved into nutrients which are absorbed. The blowing of these bacteria is quite painful and can also cause diarrhea, bloating, constipation and gas. SIBO can lead to inflammation which can leave negative impact on the mucous membrane in the small intestine. This leads to reduced absorption of important nutrients like vitamins and minerals.

What are the reasons which lead to SIBO?

  • Antibiotics
  • Antacids
  • Weak acid in the stomach
  • Birth control pills
  • Excessive alcohol intake

How can the SIBO be detected and how can be diagnosed?

You can make some tests which you can find in the pharmacies. You can make a test with your breath in which you can assess the presence and the amount of methane and hydrogen that are produced by the bacteria. These gases are exhaled through the lungs.

Can the SIBO be removed?

You can use various medicines that will relive the condition. Allicin can be perfect for solving this problem. You can consume it through the garlic, olive leaf, oregano and other herbs which have antimicrobial characteristics. Also, you can weaken the defense mechanism of the bacteria with some enzymes or accessories.

Change your food

This is ideal beginning of changes. In order to be sure that SIBO is completely eliminated, you must do one more testing.



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