You Probably Didn’t Know This: You Should Never Eat Cucumbers And Tomatoes In The Same Salad!

Many people worldwide love the combination of cucumbers and tomatoes in one salad, but this is completely wrong and unhealthy. The main reason is because there ingredients have different digestion time which can create problems later.

Different types of food have different digestion time, which means combining veggies with fast and slow digestion time is not healthy at all.

For instance, slowly digested food will arrive in the intestines just as the first one is broken down, which will result in fermentation and many other digestive issues. Bloating gasses and discomfort are among the most common symptoms of fermentation.

Here are other foods you should never mix:

Mac and cheese or meat

This is one of the most popular combination and people love it, but it should never be done since macaroni contain starch that has a different digestion time from the protein contained in cheese. This results in acid reflux and bloating.

Fruit after meals

Never consume any type of fruit after a meal since it has long digestion time and it will result in fermentation that can make you bloated and may cause acid reflux as well.

Meat and cheese omelet

Even though you need to add protein in your diet, you should not overdo it since excess protein can destroy the enzymes needed for digestion and this will lead to numerous digestive problems.

Vegetables and cheese

Some people enjoy this combination, but it will only cause bloating.

Melon and watermelon

Make sure to never mix melon and water melon or one of these two with some other fruit.

Bananas and milk

The mixture of bananas and milk is supposed to slow down digestion which will definitely result in bloating.

Fruit and yogurt

The combination of yogurt and any type of fruit will result in a host of digestive problems since it will harm the intestinal flora. This especially applies to the mixture of yogurt and pineapple, since the fruit can accelerate the compounds that cause food poisoning.

Make sure to avoid the abovementioned combinations in order to stay healthy and prevent bloating and acid reflux.


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