Your Body Is Acidic. Here Is What You Need To Do (The Real Truth Behind Cancer That You Will Never Hear From Your Doctor)

You probably have heard about Dr. Otto H. Warburg who is a Nobel Prize Winner. He claims that lack of oxygen in the system is the main reason for cancer. The body that lacks of oxygen is overly acidic, which is the ideal environment for the development of abnormal cancer cells.



He found out that cancer cells are anaerobic, concluding that they are unable to live in oxygenated environment or alkaline body.

He outlined a strict rule, according to which,” All normal cells need oxygen, but cancer cells don’t need it. If the cell doesn’t get 25% of its oxygen for 48 hours and it may become cancerous.”

The pH values in your body depend on the type of diet you have. A healthy pH balance represents an ideal ratio between acidity and alkalinity in every cell and fluid in your organism.

Human organism functions best in an alkaline state of around 7.365. Sadly, the most of the Americans have diet loaded with unhealthy, toxic and acidic foods. Americans are spending too much money on GMO food, refined grains and processed sugar. All of these foods cause acidic environment in the organism.


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